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    Nieuws > Dirty House Mixtape 5
    Door : vato
    Datum : 2010-08-07 19:13
    Gepost door : Vato
    Average members rating : 7.55

    Download :  Dirty House Mixtape 5
    Size: 68,7 mb - Hits : 10642

    4 years ago, the Dutch based DJ/producer by the name of Vato Gonzalez, created a concept called 'DIRTY HOUSE'. A concept that would take the best of all genres of house music and combine them. The result of this was a series of sold out events throughout the world, a record label by the same name and free to download mixtapes that have been immensely popular amongst the public.

    The last four of these 'Dirty House Mixtapes' have been downloaded more than 500,000 times from On the popular video website YouTube the mixtapes have been viewed more than 12,000,000 times.

    As a DJ, he travels around the world and after having done more than 1000 gigs a few short years, he is finally ready to release his 5th full length mixtape. Dirty House Mixtape 5. This mixtape can be downloaded for absolutely nothing at and The video previews and full length mix can be viewed on YouTube on his own channel

    Later on this year Vato Gonzalez will kick off with a new series of DIRTY HOUSE events, starting with the Matrixx venue in Nijmegen (NL). For a preview of how an official DIRTY HOUSE event looks like and his mixtapes sounds like, check out the preview of the mixtape at YouTube!
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